Survey Design

Survey design is the first step toward full customer engagement.
Customer engagement survey design - starter content.

No more wondering

Where do I begin?

Customer engagement is the process of bring your customers into the conversation. Our surveys gauge their satisfaction, promote their likelihood to buy new products and services, and prompt them to refer friends and family. All of this depends on the degree of quality of your customer engagement survey design.

With our starter content, your customer communications will get off on the right foot. It’s in use in businesses all over the place for one simple reason – it works.

Simply choose the from our menu of solid survey items and boom. You’re on you’re way.

Customer engagement survey design - custom content.

“Can I customize the questions to fit our business?”

You better!

Your questions have to address your objectives. They have to be relevant to you, your employees and your customers.

So, let’s have a conversation. Let us ask you the three key questions that will  ensure your survey effort is focused, enlightening and successful.

Customer engagement survey design - customer demographics.

“I wish I knew how different customers thought about our products and services”

Just ask them!

How many customers do you have? How well do you know them?

Not only can we collect differentiating information from the survey, we can “upload” from your database if you already have it.

In either case, we’ll ensure that you are able to effectively segment your customer base. We’ll find out what is driving customer engagement and loyalty in order to maximize their lifetime value to your business.

SpringBOLT’s approach to survey design is simple.

Customer Engagement Survey Design. Simple for you. Simple for your customers.

Customer engagement survey design is an art and a science. We want to learn everything we can. We want to properly position your products and services.

We don’t want to overwhelm anyone with long surveys or hamper you and your stakeholders with “too much” information.

So, we begin by offering you a menu of starter content. These are validated questions in use by organizations everywhere.

Then, we add custom questions that speak to your specific business objectives, products and services. Every business is unique. Your employee training endeavors, and potential customer concerns, is the kind of stuff we want to learn more about.

Finally, we identify customer characteristics that will be helpful in segmenting your customer base. This is how we can learn how to target your complimentary marketing efforts to your most valuable customers.

We can have your survey – complete and custom – within days of our first meeting!