Survey analysis and reporting at your fingertips.

Survey Analysis and Reporting Platform Features

Survey Analysis with just one click

This two minute video demonstrates the functionality of the survey analysis platform available to you. It couldn’t be easier to use. Have a look.

Response Timeline

Screenshot from SpringBOLT Lincoln Nebraska Survey Analysis Platform

The response timeline report is key to your survey analysis.

It helps you quickly see how often you’re engaging your customers in the feedback process and when.

Low on response? That means you are low on advertising, referral promotion, and targeted product positioning.

One simple survey analysis feature can grow your business where it matters most. Let SpringBOLT help you conduct a a targeted survey.

Detailed Results

Screenshot from SpringBOLT Lincoln Nebraska Survey Analysis Platform

You’ve got feedback!

Now, what are people saying about your products and services? Your staff? Your atmosphere? Knowing the answers can mean the difference in losing a customer or maximizing the customer’s lifetime value to your business.

That’s where the detail report come in. It takes survey analysis to the next level. Easy to read charts immediately give you the answers you need.

We’re happy to help with interpretation – just let us know!

Open-ended Comments

Screenshot from SpringBOLT Lincoln Nebraska Survey Analysis Platform

In their own words!

No survey analysis would be complete without word-for-word feedback directly from the customer.

Our platform allows you to highlight key words and generate word clouds to quickly summarize customer perceptions.

If you receive a hot comment, one we think you should read right away – we’ll text you and let you know.

Save the customer with simple survey analysis!

Email Reporting

Send information where it needs to go.

The image to the right shows an email your survey might send to a customer.

Engage your customer while on site. Keep the conversation about your business alive – after their visit.

Totally customizable – targeted reporting is a key part of survey analysis.

Text Alerts

Screenshot from SpringBOLT Lincoln Nebraska Survey Analysis Platform

If you get some bad feedback, wouldn’t you want to know right away?

Moving to save the client relationship might be a simple email or phone call away – but, you have to know when to act.

If you get some critical feedback, we’ll email and text you or your staff right instantly. We put you in control of your client relationships. Would you want it any other way?

These screenshots are from live surveys and demos we’ve presented along the way. There is no limit to what we can accomplish from a branding perspective.

Let us place images of your products right there on the page and let the customer choose his or her preference.

Can you ask for better direct marketing?

Our technology makes survey analysis simple.

SpringBOLT’s survey analysis platform presents all of your data in one place.

Multiple surveys. Check. Every question type imaginable. Check. One-click survey analysis. Check.

We organize all your survey analysis in one place. We make trends easy to identify and understand. You can cut the data any way you need to. Export to Excel or PDF.

Consider this. Let’s say a customer expresses distinct dissatisfaction with your products or services. In most situations, you’ll never hear about it. You’ll just lose the customer. But, you know that this is the moment where you can save the business.

Unfortunately, most business owners NEVER get that chance. You, however, can receive an email and text alert from us. You”ll be able to easily diagnose the problem and fix it. We can send that information to your staff. Heck, we can send that customer specialized responses on your behalf, perhaps a coupon and a personalized invitation to return.

Our goal is to make the survey analysis work for your business. Customer engagement and retention is our goal. You won’t believe how easy it is and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.