SpringBOLT provides:

  • customer engagement surveys
  • at the point-of-service,
  • elegantly mobile solutions,
  • a powerful feedback platform and
  • expert advice.
Our mission is to engage companies, customers, patients and providers in mutually beneficial feedback.


how we do what we do




  • We design custom questions for your specific objectives. Or, you may simply choose from our validated content. Your survey tells customers you care about what they think.

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    Branding is key to your rep. Your style is everything. Your survey is a fully-branded modern website, not some cheap-looking  web-form. Completely integrated with your homepage, your clients will be impressed.

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    At launch, customers interact with your survey via iPad or mobile device – right at your counter at the time of service. We email, post and text too. Finally, fresh feedback you can do something about.

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    Sample title

    You learn how your customers think and feel – from your desk with SpringBOLT’s powerful reporting software. Login and analyze or we can email you results. It couldn’t be easier.

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    think interactive marketing
    • Because personal referrals are the best form of advertising, a well-designed survey may prove to be the most effective spend in your marketing budget this year.

      Keith L. Jones
      general manager @ BUSINESSid

    • You care enough to want to know what your customers think. When you ask them their thoughts and opinions, it tells them loud and clear that you care enough to ask.

      Jane Joseph
      general manager @ Creatika

    • Compared to your overall marketing budget, a customer engagement survey represents but a fraction of the cost. It is six to seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. That’s money well spent.

      John M. Smith
      general manager @ Gold

    • Your customers are the strongest advocates for your organization. By asking for their feedback between appointments, you double the effectiveness of quality service.

      Paul R. Carter
      general manager @ Eclipse

    • Research shows that satisfied patients are generally healthier, that they are likely to seek treatment sooner and be more receptive to treatment once provided.

      Maria Jiminez
      general manager @ Jewel

    • Larger companies and medical-services providers spend a lot of time, money, and energy measuring and maintaining customer satisfaction. And for good reason. It works.

      Michael Tanaka
      service manager @ nimble


    Survey & Reporting - what our tech does

    Total Flexibility

    SpringBOLT’s solution accommodates any data requirement. Ask any question imaginable. Answers can be scaled, non-scaled, open-ended text, number inputs (including math functions), even images, video or music!

    Elegantly Mobile

    Customers access our surveys on any device – right in your place of business. We email or send text links, post urls or qr-codes. We deliver iPads if you need ’em.

    Full Custom Branding

    Gone are the days when your survey…has to look like a survey. Integrated with your brand, let’s make your “survey” look like a professional marketing offering and feel like an extension of your own website.

    Product Promotion

    Think interactive showcase. Using images, ask customers about their favorite products to highlight your services. Offer specific coupons and specials based on their answers, delivered to their email or phone.

    Promote Referrals

    Satisfied customers will refer a friend…if you ask them to. Make a special offer as a reward. Use survey technology to build your contact database to supercharge your marketing efforts.

    Real-Time "Red Alerts"

    Get inspired. Reports are updated in real-time. If a customer expresses an emergency need or even hints at dissatisfaction, we can immediately deliver that response to anyone you choose via email or text. Nip it in the bud, and make a customer for life!

    One-click Analysis

    Slice and dice your data. Filter certain groups in and out. Use time spans to compare Q1 to Q2, or before and after results. Combine the results of multiple surveys. All on the same platform – all on the same page.

    Expert Consultation

    We do all the work. Beginning with our question-kit, we’ll figure out the answers you seek. We’ll define what you want to accomplish. We’ll even come to your place for a results review.


    What you get for what

    Vantage Edition

    $ 159 / month

    • Unlimited Respondents
    • Up to 15 Questions
    • SpringBOLT Starter Content
    • Drive Traffic w/ URL Redirect
    • Full Reporting Access (One User)
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Simple Branding (Logo & Color Scheme)

    Connection Edition

    $ 249 / month

    • Vantage Edition +
    • Up to 40 Questions
    • Response Branching
    • Reporting Access w/ Analytics (10 Users)
    • Coupon Presentation
    • ``Send to Friend`` Referral System
    • Full-Mobile Branding

    Interplay Edition

    $ 459 / month

    • Connection Edition +
    • Unlimited Questions
    • Unlimited Users
    • Smart Email Reporting
    • Multiple URL Redirects
    • Three Complementary Surveys
    • Annual Professional Consultation


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